"Work should not be something that you do just to make ends meet…
It should provide satisfaction… and an opportunity to make a difference..."





  • Achieve a consistent sales growth and profitability of 50% year on year
  • Gaining competitive intelligence and strengthening company offerings
  • Improving Sales and marketing processes in the organization
  • Designing and implementing business plan, sales strategies
  • Generating and enhancing long term relations with national level key accounts

Key Responsibilities:

1.      Start up and implementation of agreed business model

a.       Implementing the 5 year business plan across various branches

b.      Implementing Training support to Team Leaders in various branches

2.      Achieving consistent sales growth of 50% through different branches in line with the overall strategy of Globotel

a.       Increase direct and non commissionable business from Corporate Clients

b.      Influence Travel Agencies and formulate targeted management processes

c.       Provide support to Travel Agencies to understand our Products and Services

3.      Maintain Competitive Superiority

a.       Increase the top line and bottom line growth by 50% year on year

b.      Targeting a gain of 70% market share nationally

c.       Globotel viz – a – viz competitor analysis

d.      Adding new travel Agents and activating dormant Agents

e.       Strategizing for generating more business through existing Agents

4.      Generate and Strengthen relationships with new and existing customers

5.      Ensure quality of business

a.       Streamlining systems and processes

b.      Providing and assessing regular training needs

c.       Creating and adhering to benchmarks

Measures of Success:

Growth in top line and bottom line, market penetration, profitability of all branches, training and retaining sales team, along with great brand building and enhanced relationship management.

Additional Information:


7 – 10 years of similar experience in Travel / Airlines / Service Industry with regional level channel sales profile

Minimum Qualification:

MBA (Marketing), Knowledge of Computers (MS Excel) is essential. Diploma / Degree in Travel Management will be preferred

Behavioral Attributes:

Highest level of Integrity strong Relationship management, Meticulous on System and its Implementation, Communication and Analytical Skills, Leadership Qualities, People Management.


Not a bar for right profile

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